We are taking everything you know about software development and turning it on its head. CH2 Solutions has assembled a process that allows all companies to have access to high-quality software and technology, without the expensive price tag. Called the creative-first approach, we help take your idea into creation – a functional and beautiful piece of software.

Software Done Right. Usable, Maintainable, Scalable, Affordable.

Who decided that building software had to be as painful as pulling teeth? Or unattainable for any company that isn’t a Fortune 100? We are turning everything you know about software development on its head. We think it should be easier, and provide value to your business to give you a competitive edge. And not cost you an arm AND a leg.

Benefits of working with CH2 for your next custom application development project:

  • We use a “creative-first” methodology that enables iterations to happen easier, for less. We get the creative right first, then kick the project off to development, cutting costs by up to 50%!
  • We believe that function is not enough. While our software engineers are adept at the most cutting-edge technology and write great code, if the end-user can’t use the product it doesn’t matter how good the code is. Functional, and beautiful. That’s our promise.
  • We demonstrate progress every two weeks. Seriously.
  • We design solutions for what comes next, building in maintainability and scalability.
  • We have assembled a process that brings high-quality development for a lower cost.

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Software is not the end product. It is merely a piece of a larger puzzle, providing business value and enabling you to have a competitive advantage. Whether you need a product to help run your business, build a mobile presence, or represent your business through software, CH2 has you covered.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you bring your idea into creation.