Franki is a social video review app that empowers users to engage with products they love, share their experiences, connect with brands and get paid while doing it. Their enterprise platform consists of native mobile applications, a business services portal, and an administrative back end.
System Architecture | .NET | Mobile Development | Database Administration | SQL Server | UX/UI Design | iOS | Android | Banking Integrations | Enterprise Software | Payment Processing | SAAS

The Challenge

As a startup Franki sought CH2 services to build a technology team capable of creating their SAAS social video review enterprise platform from scratch. They wanted to make sure the platform was visually appealing to their young influencer market and able to scale as they grew their business.

The Franki platform allows users to find local businesses, create video reviews, and get paid for sharing their opinions. In addition, the business side of the platform allows businesses to share their opportunities, push relevant notifications to users and pay fees based on a subscription model. Franki has 4 distinct applications to create one seamless user experience.

Our Approach

Time was of the essence with Franki to get to market fast. We built a team of UX/UI designers, Software engineers, Database developers, QA engineers, Marketing and Product managers to build and launch their platform. Following our Creative First model, we started with the visual design so that we could ensure the vision came to life. The development team created a Web-based Business Portal, an Administrative Back end, and native iOS and Android applications. Integrations for Franki included: Stripe,  Net, Lyft and Video Editing.

Our Results

The Franki platform was built from initial concept to market in less than a year allowing them to focus their efforts on user acquisition and building their business and revenue portfolio.

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