Connected Living

Connected Living is the leading provider of enterprise content management, communication and engagement technology for Senior Living communities. They have a complete suite of senior living technologies from mobile applications, web management, digital signs, iOT devices, and wearable technology.
UX/UI Design |  Android  |  iOS  |  Mobile Development  |  Payment Processing  | Stripe  |  Lyft  |  Uber  |  Amazon Alexa  |  Enterprise Software

The Challenge

Connected Living had a suite of technology solutions they were ready to take to the next level. They had built out their iOS application, but needed engineers specialized in Android development to fill out their suite of applications.

Our Approach

Leveraging our flexible staff augmentation model, Connected Living was able to utilize our expert Android development team to create a product in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken them to screen, hire, train and onboard someone on their team. Integrations we tackled on this project included: Lyft, Uber, Fuji Films, Amazon Alexa, Concierge Services, and Stripe for Payment processing.

Our Results

Connected living was able to save time and money while they focused on expanding their user base across their suite of products. They now have a beautiful native mobile application across all of the major platforms expanding their market share by 50%.

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