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Whether you are looking for a talented team of engineers to get you through a development burst, would like to expand on your existing team, or are looking for software specialists to develop your next project, we are here to help. Our services are flexible and we are able to support your software needs from inception to ongoing support. Discover some of our service offerings and connect with us to find the solution that is right for you.

Staff Augmentation

Do you have an existing development team or are you looking to manage your own team? Maybe you need some more hands on deck to get you through a development burst, or are looking to get a project done without the hassle and expense of recruiting and hiring? If so, CH2 engineers can seamlessly join your team in a team extension model. Team extension uses simple monthly pricing and we will help select engineers that meet your specific technical needs.

Just-in-time contracting saves time and money!

Flexible term commitment

Avoid over-tasking your internal team

Team Members can hit the ground running

Predictable Cost Model

Enterprise Solutions​

Do you need a talented partner to bring your technology vision to life? Are you looking for someone to build the next great web app? Enterprise solutions often have multiple layers that must work together seamlessly. By leveraging our years of experience in custom software development to build, enhance, and support your enterprise solution we can ensure that you have a scalable product to run your business. 

Well planned solutions ensure scalability

Reliable platforms build customer confidence and user retention

Leveraging industry standard technologies creates stable and maintainable platforms

Iterative development allows you to stay flexible as your product grows

Reduce costs by applying best practices development methodology

Mobile Development

We are mobile experts. 80% of online activity is done on a mobile device. Mobile technology allows you to maximize your audience and provides a modern competitive edge. Our team can guide you through the mobile development lifecycle from ideation to delivery. We offer both native development and cost saving cross-platform delivery. We will help you navigate all aspects of building your app and guide you through the delivery and approval process for distribution.

Make accessing your business easy through the device your audience uses the most

Our UI/UX experts make sure your app is easy to use and follows current mobile standards

We help you explore your options: Native, Cross platform, and Mobile Websites

Increase user acceptance and retention through well designed, reliable apps

Creates an additional gateway to supporting your business goals

UX / UI Design

Design is the backbone of every technology platform. People are visual, and design bridges the language barrier between the business and technology. Well designed platforms also instill confidence and create a seamless experience as the user navigates your product. Our UI/UX Design experts help bring your vision to life and save time and money on development by iterating before the technical work begins.

Allows you to see exactly what will be built without having to speak tech

Creates a visual roadmap to your final product

Ensures the User Experience is intuitive and follows modern design principles

Provides a prototype to circulate with potential users and investors

Saves time and money during development andtesting

On-Going Support

Software applications need continuous support and maintenance to perform at their best and meet the users’ needs. Well-maintained software means the users can focus on functionality and not performance. Using our flexible support models, we can develop a solution that is tailored to your needs and budget in order to keep everything running smoothly.
Minimized downtime means fewer disruptions
Well-performing systems instill user confidence
Proactive tracking of critical updates and performance
Flexible models tailored to your company’s needs

Full-cycle support available Tiers 1-3


Sometimes you have the right team and training can fill the gaps. We offer job-ready training courses customized to your organization. Some of our specialties include Mulesoft integrations, Product Owner Training, Project Management, SDLC Management Software, and more. This is not a generic single-sized class, but it is small group training within your organization to ensure your team has the skills they need to manage your goals most effectively.
Your existing team can grow their skills
Providing skills training increases employee retention

Content is tailored to your organizational needs

Cost and time effective
Increased efficiency through job-ready skills

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