Schoolbzz is a technology pioneer in the EdTech space and has created a proprietary communications platform to simplify how schools share information with families.

System Architecture  |  .Net  |  Ionic  |  Mobile Development  |  SAA  | UX/UI Design  |  EdTech  |  Enterprise Software

The Challenge

Schoolbzz came to us with a great idea and needed a talented team to bring their vision to life. They had spent a few years in the pilot program phase and were ready to take it to the next level. In addition, they wanted to leverage some existing platforms with integrations into the Google suite of products including Google Classroom.

Our Approach

Schoolbzz needed a team of UX/UI Designers, Engineers and Project managers to bring their platform to life. Using our Creative First approach, we started with interviews, storyboards, wire frames and color comps to make sure we stayed true to their vision and then built the platform from the ground up. As a result, we built a cross platform mobile application for parents, a responsive web-based application for educators and administrators, and an administrative back end.

Our Results

By using our Creative First methodology Schoolbzz was able to save time and money iterating on their design before onboarding any developers. Their dedicated team was able to create their suite of products as efficiently as possible.

In addition they launched their new mobile product for parents and educators and have continued to receive awards for their efforts in EdTech and their impacts on education.

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